100% Ad Free

Churches love our 100% Ad free video streaming solution so they don’t have to worry about what their members see, unlike other free video services. As soon as you broadcast, the video will play for the visitor, showing no ads before or after the service/event.

HD & Multi Bit Rate Streams

Broadcast in HD quality! For areas with low Internet speeds, we also offer optional multi bit rate streaming so you can have an HD  primary stream while still providing a lower resolution stream for devices that cannot handle the higher bit rate streams.

Embed In Own Site

Our video streams are able to be embedded directly into your own website, allowing you to showcase all the features we offer (interactive Bible, social media integration, countdown timer, geographic map of viewers, and much more).

Auto Archive Storage

No need to upload videos separately! We auto archive each recording. We don’t limit the length of time you can store your archives for either. Each $49 package allows up to 100 GB of archives. At 500 Kbps,  100 GB would be 400 hours of archived footage.  You can always buy more storage.

Mobile Devices – HTML5

Mobile viewers such as Apple iPhones/iPads and Android phones/tablets devices are auto detected and the proper HTML5 player is displayed so mobile viewers can watch live and archived videos directly on any device.

Live Chat Feature

BYCS offers a real-time chat solution that provides unmatched interaction and engagement for your live online events.  We also offer a range of automated and manual moderation tools help keep you in control. Ban users, send private messages, filter language, and many more features are built right in.

Multi-Channel Live Streaming

Extend your reach by running a simultaneous multi-channel stream to any platform. Our versatile live stream player can be embedded on multiple websites and social media to serve sponsors and affiliates. It’s also compatible with mobile so you can broadcast your event to any device and connect with audiences at work, home or on the go.
Broadcast to Social Media and exponentially increase your online audience by live broadcasting on Twitter, Facebook Live or YouTube Live. With our Watch on Twitter capability, you can capitalize on Twitter’s powerful networking effects by presenting video directly to followers, live as it happens, or later for on-demand viewing.

Events and Conferences

We’re ready to live stream anything, including multi-track conferences, panel discussions, product launches, conventions, fashion shows, sports events, musical performances, debates, company training and corporate meetings. Broadcast in real-time to amplify the impact of your speakers.
Extend the footprint of your event from the stage to the digital arena with a professional, live stream production. We provide a superior viewing experience to reach a global audience of digital attendees and capture the excitement as it happens.

Professional Video Production

Live Video Switching to add dynamism to your event. We seamlessly integrate multiple camera angles and multi-source input channels into live streamed events. Your professionally switched video will have smooth multi-camera transitions, multimedia integration, and a variety of graphical effects and overlays including digital watermarks, titling, branding slates, lower-third graphics and sponsor messaging.
HD Quality Line-Cuts during your conference live stream. We will create HD line-cut files for viewing, syndication and distribution.
Audiovisual Coordination for superior live video viewing. We will manage, integrate and synchronize audio, video and multimedia.
video production streaming

Quick and Reliable

Same Day Posting will make your live-streamed event video available for viewing immediately following closing remarks. Néli Studios same-day posting services will extend the buzz surrounding your event.
Unlimited Bandwidth so you can reach a global online audience with no live stream viewer limits or hidden fees. Néli Studios straightforward pricing eliminates confusing charges for hosting, storage and streaming – allowing you to focus on producing a memorable conference.
Expert Staff on site to ensure stream integrity and a superior viewing experience. Néli Studios expert technicians will set-up, test and execute the live stream of your event while customer service and production engineers work remotely to provide support and coordination.